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Compile OpenCV for a PLCnext Control

OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision) is a cross-platform and free-for-use library for use in the emerging field of computer vision, a science on how computers extract information from digital images or videos. It's about acquiring and processing visual data, and making decisions and performing actions based on the analysis. OpenCV support deep learning frameworks and includes a statistical machine learning library, what makes it applicable for motion tracking, gesture and facial recognition, and object identification.

Because community member David Petter was really interested in using OpenCV in combination with a PLCnext Control, he made an updated tutorial on this topic, using the current versions of FFmpeg, OpenCV, and the AXC firmware.

For this, he used the ‘old’ tutorial he got from community member Vincent Gijsen, who works at Phoenix Contact. All the used scripts and install commands are originally created by Vincent. David only changed small details to make it all work for the current versions of the used libraries and its dependencies.

Thanks a lot to both of them for sharing this tutorial with the community. This is a great example on how to implement open source code with PLCnext Technology!

(...virtually handing over the microphone to David...)


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