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PLCnext Controls - Implementation Roadmap

PLCnext Technology can be operated as a software platform on different controllers. In the following list you will find all PLCnext Controls from Phoenix Contact with all possible extensions.

Latest update: February, 2019

PLCnext Controls

AXC F 2152

The ideal controller for small to medium-sized applications.

  Firmware v1.2 (current) Firmware v2019.0 LTS (Release Feb. '19) Firmware v2019.3 (Release March '19)
Task cycle time (ESM) 500 μs 500 μs 500 μs
Profinet Specification 2.3 2.3 2.3
Profinet Update Rate 4 Device (1 ms); 64 Device (16 ms) 4 Device (1 ms); 64 Device (16 ms) 4 Device (1 ms); 64 Device (16 ms)
LLDP  -  implemented implemented
Axioline F Localbus implemented implemented implemented
Inline Localbus  -  implemented* implemented*
HTML5 Webserver  -  implemented** implemented**
Proficloud TSD Interface implemented implemented implemented (incl. GDS Ports)
PLCnext Store Interface  -  implemented implemented
Retain Memory 48 kByte (NVRAM) 48 kByte (NVRAM) 48 kByte (NVRAM)
Configuration WBM WBM WBM
Real Time Clock implemented implemented implemented
CPU ARM ® Cortex®-A9 2 x 800 Mhz ARM ® Cortex®-A9 2 x 800 Mhz ARM ® Cortex®-A9 2 x 800 Mhz
RAM 512 MB 512 MB 512 MB
Ethernet 10/100 Mbit switched 10/100 Mbit switched 10/100 Mbit switched
Profinet Device
Profinet Redundancy Layer
 -   -  implemented

*Inline localbus support by additional AXC F IL ADAPT (Article No. 1020304)
**Please find more details in the PLCnext Technology Implementation Roadmap

RFC 4072S

High performance for your application!

Firmware v2019.0 LTS
(Release April '19)
Task cycle time (ESM) 500μs
Profinet Specification 2.3
Profinet Update Rate 1 ms
LLDP implemented
HTML5 Webserver  - 
Proficloud TSD Interface implemented (incl. GDS Ports)
PLCnext Store Interface implemented
Retain Memory 2 MB
Configuration Touch Display and WBM
Real Time Clock implemented
CPU Intel® i5 6300U
2 x 2,4 Ghz
Ethernet 3 Ethernet MAC
(2 x 1 Gbit, 1 x 100 Mbit switched)
Safety Controller ARM® Cortex®-A8 1 x 600 MHz,
ARM ® Cortex®-A6 1 x 800 MHz

*Please find more details in the PLCnext Technology Implementation Roadmap

PLCnext Control Extensions

The following extension modules can be used with every Axioline-based PLCnext Control (e.g. AXC F 2152) with left side PCI express interface.

AXC F XT ETH 1TX - already available

Extend your PLCnext control with an additional high performance (based on Intel® i210 chipset) 1 GbE network card.

Order No.: 2403115

AXC F XT IB 1H - later in 2019

Integrate new or old (Supi 3 device chips or higher) Interbus networks with this new Interbus G4 Master extension.

Order No.: 2403018

AXC F XT EXP - End of 2019

Extension module for expanding the left side PCIe lane to 3 lanes.

AXC F XT PB - End of 2019

Upgrade your PLCnext control to a Profibus Master.

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