Every PLCnext Control is based on a Linux operating system and is delivered with a preconfigured admin user with a unique password.

With the admin user it is possible to get access to the most important functions (e.g. OpenVPN® and firewall configuration, set time and date, read/write project specific folders), but sometimes it might be necessary to get root permissions.

This can be done temporary by using the "sudo" command, but it is also possible to create a persistent root user.

Software development kits are available for Windows as well as for Linux for PLCnext Technology.

Additionally, all controllers based on PLCnext Technology use Linux as their operating system.

Although expertise in Linux is not required for operating a PLCnext Technology controller, Linux functions can however be used on a PLCnext Technology controller.

This manual should help to ease the entry into the world of Linux and explain step-by-step how a Linux installation is set up.

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