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The firewall of the PLCnext Technology controller is based on internal Linux mechanisms (network filters) and is configured in the shell using nftables. Access is via SSH (Secure Shell). The firewall is inactive by default upon delivery. Access via SSH requires authentication with a user name and password.

The PLCnext Technology control platform is based on a Linux operating system with realtime patch. Linux is a highly reliable open source operating system suitable for applications that require a high stability. A wide range of open source software is available for the Linux operating system, which is supported by a large community of users and developers.

Wondering and hassling with paths of your PLCnext installation? Here's the scope you might have missed badly...

General information

PLCnext Technology controllers work with a Linux operating system. You can access the controller via SFTP or via SSH, view the directories and files on the file system (on the internal parameterization memory and on the SD card) and modify them if necessary.

Every PLCnext Control is based on a Linux operating system and is delivered with a preconfigured admin user with a unique password.

With the admin user it is possible to get access to the most important functions (e.g. OpenVPN® and firewall configuration, set time and date, read/write project specific folders), but sometimes it might be necessary to get root permissions.

This can be done temporary by using the "sudo" command, but it is also possible to create a persistent root user.

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