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The basic integration of a component into PLCnext is implemented by means of derivation from the ComponentBase class or via the IComponent interface. There are specialized components for various purposes. These specializations are performed by implementing additional interfaces that are described in the following subchapters. To use the classes, you have to include („#include“) the corresponding header files (.hpp).

Note: If you use the Eclipse® add-in, it creates the following functions with a functional implementation. In many cases, that is sufficient. If you have special requirements that go beyond this, the following descriptions will help you understand the functions.

Each class is defined in an own header file (*.hpp). To use the class, you have to include it („#include“).

  • „ILibrary“: Arp/System/Acf/ILibrary.hpp
  • „LibraryBase“: Arp/System/Acf/LibraryBase.hpp


This tutorial shows in a very simple way how the component and program interaction is working and how additional programs can be used in an PLCnext application.

The tutorial is intended for a beginner-level C++ programmer with experience in logic controller programming, and as a reference for practicians. Most important, the tutorial will distill the style of thinking that is necessary to avoid the common errors novice programmers make when they first come across PLCnext C++ programming.

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