PLCnext Technology provides a diagnostic log file where you can find information on the start-up behavior of the system, logged error, warning and information messages, as well as your own debugging messages.

Therefore, the logfile is useful for analyzing and fixing the causes of any issues or unexpected behavior of your PLCnext Technology controller. You can also send the diagnostic file to an assisting person.

In some cases (for example, invalid configuration in acf.config.xml, GDS.config.xml or ESM.config.xml) a reset of the PLCnext Control AXC F 2152 is required. Refer to the article Diagnostic logfile for more information on possible reset causes.

The AXC F 2152 supports two types of reset:

  • Type 1 - Reset to factory default: deletes all application specific folders and data.
  • Type 2 - Factory reset: restores the "recovery image" from the plugged internal SD card.

This article describes how to perform both reset types.

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