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PLCnext Technology is more than just another usual IEC 61131-3 PLC family. We created PLCnext Technology to combine the stability of classical PLCs with the flexibility and openness of modern software engineering and to meet the daily requirements of today's project teams.

In the following article, the PLCnext Technology architecture is explained thoroughly. Don't hesitate to ask if there's any question.

Watch also the live event What is PLCnext Technology? to explore the new way of automation thinking!

The PLC Manager is a firmware component which loads the necessary program code of the PLC program into the memory and starts or stops the programs. The program code can exist of an IEC 61131-3 program that was created and sent using PC Worx Engineer. The code can also be created in C++ or MATLAB® Simulink®.

Watch the following videos to learn more about the key features and benefits of the PLCnext Technology.

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